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Progeny Vantage Panoramic X Ray

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Progeny Vantage Panoramic X Ray


Product Information:

  • Model: PRO-PANO01
  • Manufactured by: Midmark
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Condition: Certified Pre-owned


Generator: High frequency, constant potential
Filtration: 3.2mmAL
Line current: 15A at 120VAC, 8A at 230VAC
Sensor type: CCD digital
SID: 500mm
Focal spot: 0.5mm
mA: 4 – 14 mA +/- 20%
kV: 54 – 84 kV +/- 10%
Spinal compensation: Automatic kV adjustment
Patient entry: Field Configurable
Panoramic programs: Adult panoramic
Enhanced panoramic
TMJ, open and closed
Pediatric panoramic
Vertical segmentation
Control: LCD Touch Screen
Mounting options: Wall-mount bracket
Floor installation base (optional)
Weight: 220 lb (99.79 kg)
Ceph upgrade capability

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Five pre-programmed exam settings, including bitewing, minimize exam set-up time and allow routine diagnostic exams to be performed extraoral for improved clinical efficiency and patient experience.

  1. Progeny Clarity™ Enhanced Filter Set provides superior diagnostic imaging quality.
  2. Exclusive Focal Trough Alignment reminder assists in consistent patient positioning.
  3. Progeny® Imaging software included for download on an unlimited number of operatory workstations with no additional user fees.
  4. Exclusive VantageTrustSM remote support and training service offered at no charge for the first 60 days of use.
  5. Ceph upgradeable for expanded extraoral exam capabilities.
  6. The Progeny Vantage® Panoramic System is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

Acquisition computer included

Additional information

Weight 220 lbs


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