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Lavex Janitorial 25″ Caution Wet Floor Sign

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Lavex Janitorial 25″ Caution Wet Floor Sign


Width 11 3/4 Inches
Height 25 Inches
Depth (closed) 3/4 Inches
Depth (open) 23 Inches
Material Plastic
Signage Type Wet Floor
Type A Frame


Featuring a bright yellow, plastic construction, this Lavex Janitorial 25″ caution wet floor sign is lightweight in design, yet highly visible. Use it in your restaurant, bar, lobby, or gameroom. The versatile design pairs with vivid graphics to alert staff and guests to wet floors.


This 2-sided sign is printed with “CAUTION Wet Floor” in English and Spanish, so everyone can clearly read the message and avoid the wet area. The bold black text contrasts with the yellow sign for visibility near or far. At the same time, an accompanying red graphic highlights the danger of a potentially hazardous wet floor, reinforcing the fact that it’s best to avoid the area.


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